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A business cluster (/’klʌstə/) is a geographic concentration of interconnected businesses, suppliers, and associated institutions in a particular field.

Clusters are considered to increase the productivity with which companies can compete, nationally and globally.

Lemberg HighTech Cluster

The Lemberg HighTech Cluster provides an opportunity for Western European enterprises to find the ideal partner among many Ukrainian enterprises in a wide range of sectors, and to establish contact through the cluster.

In order to fully utilize the potential in knowledge and talent in Western Ukraine, the Cluster will act as bridge builder between the hightech enterprises of this region and the Western European economy. We accompany first steps and help to establish the right contacts, helping where it is needed and requested.

The Lemberg HighTech Cluster offers a wide range of possibilities to further develop marketing activities, to improve communication, to optimize sales and offering processes, and to intensify the cooperation between Western Ukrainian small and medium enterprises and enterprises in Western Europe.

On an international level, a favorable cost structure enables Ukraine to successfully compete globally, with the added advantage of little time difference and geographic proximity to Western Europe. Knowledge of languages and cultural background make cooperation smooth and efficient.

Lviv in the center of the Western Ukraine has been a university town since 1661. The Polytechnic University, the Ivan-Franko-University, the Medical University are training grounds for future experts. Other Western Ukrainian cities have similar historical backgrounds. A sound education, an excellent technical know-how combined with an ambitious entrepreneurship particularly in the field of IT have significantly contributed to establishing a dynamic economy in Western Ukraine.

With background in many industries, we make our know-how of many years available and will help to create a win-win situation for Western Ukrainian and Western European enterprises:

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